Saturday, January 06, 2007

Training 6th Jan

It happened at last - only took 3 months to get together but it did happen and by all accounts it was a bit of a laugh and we're all up for it in two weeks time, so we're looking at the next training session being at the same time and same venue and it may happen every fortnight if the enthusiasm is sustained "It's a bit of a day out for Nick and me, it' makes a change from southend" (Simon).

In attendance

Mark Soye
Alex Wood
Steve Bone
Dave Thompson
Thomas Slater
Nick Naughty
Simon Grainge
Richard Sainsbury

I've just realised there was 8 of us and we've all given Richard £7.00 each by my reckoning that's £56 and the venue was only £48. I reckon the extra cash should be spent on another Kookaburra Practice ball?

Anyway other than that, all that attended seemed to get into and we had some valuable practice in our pursuit of beating Sports Science this coming summer. There were some half decent batsmen and bowlers in the group and few with a dodgey action. If we can iron out the dodgey action we might have a good mix of bowlers. Down the pub after it was kind of suggested that Alex might take on the role of team captain as he seems to be more knowledgable on techniques and strategies and was already without prompting suggesting things and guiding people. The revelations of the day were Simon and Alex. Simon with his fast bowling and Alex with his Batting. Having seen a few us now having a go more of an idea about the team positions is beginning to form. Here's a suggestion - but I'm not the team captain so this could easily be over-ridden.

Batting order -

Openers Alex Wood & Simon Grainge
Richard Sainsbury
Thomas Slater
Mark Soye
Nick Naughty
Steve Bone (His arm was knackered)
Dave Thompson


Simon Grainge (fast)
Thomas Slater (Medium) - needs some work on his dodgey action
Richard Sainsbury (Medium) - Dodgey action?
Dave Thompson (Leg Spin slow)

I'll have to distribute the passwords so you can all have a say about how shit I am and conduct some sledging!

Cheers to Carl Hodgson (who couldn't attend but sent his apologies for not being able to make it) for lending us the bats.
Cheers to Richard Sainsbury who coughed up the cash as the venue only took cash or cheques.

We'll still look at other venues because even using the hall length to length it still wasn't long enough for a short run up or Wicket keepers to have a chance to practice in any way.

Equipment wise we're okay, we've got more than enough pads and gloves, it would be nice to have another 2 of those plastic/soft balls for the sessions at the start of the session as they're more akin to the weight of a real cricket ball and they have the seam and have a similar bounce. I think everybody is aware of the potential dangers and a few got a couple of stingers even using the plastic balls. Fortunately no-one got hit in the bollocks, but once we start playing or practicing on grass with real balls there's going to be a need for helmets. Personally I'm in the process of buying one right now off of EBAY. They're not cheap and they're obviously prone to getting sweaty and horrible, so I'm inlcined not to share the helmet with anyone. Ideally we'd all get our own and I'd advise EBAY as the solution as you can pick them up virtually unused for 1/3 or 1/2 the price for a new one (About £20). But if people want to share helmets and get 2 or 3 'Team helmets' we'll have to sort some kind of list of head sizes and sort the money aspect out and if need be I'll bid for some on EBAY, but you'll have to let me know.

Next Practice (Subject to confirmation and booking) will be Staurday 20th Jan at 12.00 - 14.00hrs
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