Thursday, January 04, 2007

Training Strategy 1st hour 6th Jan

So basically what we've got is a sports hall normally divided into 3 bays with nets as per the image here. So for the first hour the plan is to use all 3 bays to bat in.

Each person batting gets to face 3 overs or so with the bowlers doing the same. Any spare people in the bays field.

Unfortunately the distance between A & B is a lot shorter than 22 yards and we'll probably going to have to use softballs (baseball practice balls) because that's one of the stipulations of using the space. The good thing is you can whack the things as hard as you like. Personally I'm up for sneaking some proper balls in so if anyone fancies facing a hard ball we'll be using the middle bay (Protected either side by nets) for bowling practice that approximates the real thing albeit a bit short? Remember I'm a slow spin bowler so it's not going to be that dangerous. Hopefully that'll keep us all busy and no-one's going to be standing around bored?