Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The New Venue

This is it brighter, cleaner - better! In fact better than I even realised. Look closer at the ceiling in the horizontal image and you'll see the rails along which the nets are supported. There's three of them which means the hall divides into 5 sections along the hall! All this for a paltry £70.

I had a quick look at the nets and they seem fine, the runners appear to work, with the caretaker saying neither him or the other caretaker have ever known them to have been used!

I've arranged with the caretaker to be able to get in 10 or 15 minutes early and get rid of the 5 aside goals (push over to the sides) and pull the nets out so that when we all turn up we're ready to go.

Now there's five netted off areas we need five sets of stumps. I've run out of Wind Breaks to make stumps out of, so we need to get some money together to get more stumps (Wind breaks) or maybe even invest in some spring back stumps? They're about £30 a go from Argos. Homemade ones are fine by me - so if anyones got an old wind break kicking around in their garage or a load of dowelling - let me have it and I'll make two more sets of stumps.

We also need at least 4 more of the plastic Kookaburra practice balls. All the research that I've done suggests for indoors use on smooth concrete and wooden floors these are the ones that approximate the real thing most closely. They bounce ok and their weight considering they're plastic is the nearest to the real thing. If you/we buy them from www.newitts.com they're about £7.00 each with P&P.