Monday, January 08, 2007

Post Mortem

I was gutted at my own bowling performance on Saturday, although it wasn't with a real ball or on grass as you all pointed out. I can buy into the real ball aspect as they're so much heavier than the Kookaburra practice ball but as for the fact that I couldn't get the bastard thing to turn at all I was bothered. So today despite the fact that the grass is soaking and I was wearing wellies I went over to my own wicket a couple of yards from where I live and threw a few balls and there was a slight improvement. With the extra weight I was a lot more accurate and consistent, but still not getting it to turn much. So I got out some Stuey Mcgill, Shane Warne & Terry Jenner Master Class video's and did a bit of a post mortem. Having looked at them I think it was Terry Jenner who had the solution. I looks like I was bowling leading with the thumb edge of my hand rather than the palm of my hand facing the batsman as I was releasing the ball. Tonight at home throwing the ball around it does look like the solution and the impression I've got now is if I can throw the balls with palm facing the batsman it comes out spinning in such a way that when it hits the ground it has just got to take a sharp left? It looks so radically different to what I've been doing over the last couple of months. What I have been doing is more like 'Over Spin'. I can't wait to get into that hall in a fortnight!