Monday, June 04, 2007

4th June update

Not a lot happening at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow at work I'll be able to talk to Gillian at Welstead and Gavin from sports science and arrange another match for the early part of next week to make up for the match that was cancelled.

Other than that when I get time I'll update the team profile again with the new blokes

I had a good bowling session tonight with Nakul - he even commented on the fact that I was bowling better. The difference is I'm able to bowl at him for more than one over and I think it's in that sort of situation where if I was allowed to bowl 2 or 3 overs back to back I might make a difference. Especially if it was somewhere down the oppositions order maybe bowling at No.5 or 6 towards the latter stages of the game where they feel like they've got to go after the ball and score runs? Come on Alex give me a spell of 3 overs next time we play especially if they're looking to make runs. Get everyone in close and sledging and catch them or draw them out of their crease - I'm sure I can do it?

Tonight I was bowling my Wrong Un's a lot faster and getting loads of turn on them, so that was very commendable, the sliders are working nicely as well.

Other news is that Richards bought himself a new bat from a very small manufacturer in Westcliff, so hopefully now he'll be hitting some 4's and 6's.