Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Sunday at Great Berry

I've started to sound people out about the chance of a game on Sunday. So far we've got....

1.Dave Thompson
2. Simon Grainge
3. Richard Sainsbury
4. Badger
5. Alex
6. John Pledge (New bloke via Alex)
7. Nick Naughty
8. Terry 'The Bloke'.
9. Chris
10. Alex?
11. Jack?
12. Nakul

Hopefully Thomas and Rod will be there? That'll take us up to 14. I'm going to give Suhail a call tomorrow and check to see if they're still up for this and whether they've managed to round up a few mates if they have we could have a 20/20 match on our hands?

If Suhail and Ancar are reading this - if you've not got pads and stuff don't worry we've got the gear and you can borrow ours. Buy your own boxes though! You can email me at if you've got any questions.

If we can field 22 players between us we could even have umpires?

I'm still waiting for responses from Nakul, Thomas, Mark, Rod, Paul from Customs and Excise, Chris, Alex and Jack as it is we only need another 3 players so anyone else who gets their name down will have join Suhail, Ancar and Hasan and anyone that they bring along!

I need people to email me to confirm that they're up for game - I've got to point out that I don't really do phones and would much prefer it if people email me or comment on the blog, I don't mind people ringing me or texting me, but as a rule I wont be chasing you up by phoning you. So come get in touch to confirm whether this is going to be possible because it may be the case that Suhail and Ancar are pulling out the stops to get a team together?