Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great Berry Session June 10th

Lovely sunny day at Great Berry with some good bowling performances and new faces. More on that later but in the first instance I want to get the stats sorted.....

Nakul 4 overs; 1 wicket - Alex Wood bowled and caught by Nakul. Terry dropped one off of Nakul and Nakul dropped one of his own off of Suhail straight after Alex conceded 19 runs.
Average 19
Economy 4.75
Strike Rate 24

Rod 3 overs; 1 wicket - Terry the bloke outside edge caught by Richard.
Average 3.3
Economy 1.6
Strike Rate 12

Alex Wood 4 overs; 1 wicket - Nakul bowled middle stump.
Average 2.75
Economy 1.37
Strike Rate 12

Dave Thompson 6 overs; - 2 Wickets - Suhail middle stump Wrong Un. Alex #2 leg stump Wrong Un.
Alex #2 dropped Suhail and Terry the bloke dropped a dead easy ball off of Nakul I think?
Average 26.8
Economy 8
Strike Rate 20

Jack 3 overs; - 2 wickets - Chris caught by Alex. Bowled Richard middle stump. Suhail was dropped my Alex #2.
Average 7.5
Economy 5
Strike Rate 9

Chris Eggleston 4 overs - No wickets.
Average NA
Economy NA
Strike Rate NA

Alex #2 3 overs; 2 wickets - Dave Bowled middle stump for a duck. Jack bowled legside stump. 1 Maiden over which included the 2 wickets.
Average 2.5
Economy 1.5
Strike Rate 9

Suhail 2 Overs; 1 wicket - Bowled and Caught Rod.
Average 2
Economy 1
Strike Rate 6

Run Totals.......................97 off of 26 overs. That's 3.6 runs per over.
Extras totalled 25 Grand total 122.

Suhail - 32
Chris - 20
Alex #2 - 17
Rod - 13
Nakul - 5
Terry - 4
Alex Wood - 4
Richard - 1
Jack - 1
Dave - 0

Sixes -
Chris 1

Fours -
Chris 3
Alex Jnr - 3
Terry - 1
Rod - 1
Suhail - 5

Despite the poor turnout we still managed to have a bit of fun. The run total is probably low due to the grass being long and not allowing for the ball to run away readily, but that was partly offset by the fact that we didn't have a full compliment of fielders. It would be nice to have 13 blokes turn up or more on days like this as it would mean a lot less time would be taken up waiting for people to walk out of fielding positions and get padded up as there could always be 2 blokes waiting to come on and someone scoring or umpiring or both. That's providing we practice in this manner.

New bloke Suhail suggested that practicing in this way isn't that affective as if you're like me and you go out for a duck you never get that much practice and you never get the chance to face a range of bowlers and he suggested that the system we used last week was far more affective - which is true.