Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bloody Rain!

It's looking like we may be rained off again, I'll keep you posted as to what's happening.

We've had another 3 "Unavailables" - Rod, Nakul and Alex Jnr.

So we've got -

1. Richard
2. Alex
3. Dave
4. Chris
5. Jack
6. Simon
7. Nick
8. Terry
9. Mark?
10, Loolie (One of my Tilbury Mates)
11, Boffa (Another Tilbury Mate)

So it looks like we may be okay for players? I've got some other people that may play who are on standby. Just need the rain to hold off.

Went over to Chalkwell Park tonight despite the rain knowing full well there wouldn't be anyone there, I just wanted to check out the set up over there. I was surprised as the nets seem to be a council facility open to anyone. There's an artificial surface and you'd need to take your own stumps, but other than that it appears to be a first come first served arrangement. I'm tempted to go down there one evening with the Southend contingent instead of going over to Great Berry? Richard, Simon, Mark or Nick do you fancy checking it out one evening and see what the arrangements are on a nice evening when it'd get used?