Monday, June 18, 2007

Gavin and the nets

Hopefully some of you will have taken up Gavin's offer of a net practice tonight at Chalkwell Park. I'm hoping to go over there on Wednesday with him and Riley. I've been talking to Gavin and he's been giving me some good advice about practice - the main thing that he's said is that we need fielding practice catching balls and the like - he mentioned that (Boffa noticed this as well) when we were knocking the ball about catching it we were knocking it into the air, whereas we should be knocking it straight at each other off of the bat and yes it does hurt - but that's the nature of cricket balls - you have to learn to catch the ball properly. He also pointed out that it's a really dangerous to stick a bony part of your body out to stop a ball e.g. a foot/leg because if the balls does hit a divot in the grass and it's trajectory changes at the last moment you can find yourself with a broken ankle/shin etc. Use your body or best your thigh to stop the ball in those situations. We're doing so many things wrong and these blokes are offering to help in little ways - e.g. the nets, so if it's offered take it and listen to what they're saying and take it on board.