Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Match This coming Friday

Understandably there seems to be loads of issues relating to people getting to Welstead Gardens for 5.30 pm for the start of the game.

1. Dave
2. Simon
3. Nick
4. Alex
5. Mark
6. Richard

It seems will be there on time. Needless to say we can't play cricket with 6 people and I'm not really that interested in reasons for people not turning up. The way it's looking is whoever turns up is going to get a game in the order that they appear at the pitch. So I need a commitment from people who are going to turn up. At this stage I would suggest to Alex, Chris and Jack get on the train with your bikes and cycle from Chalkwell station.

The directions are - come out of the station turn right and go up the road "The Ridgeway" go about 400mtrs and you'll come to a cross roads, turn right into "Chalkwell Avenue". Follow that for about 1/4 mile and you'll arrive at the A13 turn left onto the A13 and take the 2nd right which is "Southbourne Grove" go along there for about another 1/4 mile and turn left into Clatterfield Gardens - the first right is Welstead Gardens and the cricket pitch is on the left. If you set out early enough you should get there in plenty of time and it looks like all three of you will get a game.

Alternatively is there anyone who can give them a lift from Basildon to Welstead Gardens?

Boffa if you're watching this unravel - you know the score if you want a game give us a call or email me.

If people can turn up for 5.30 let me know please as soon as possible as I need to be able to put 11 people on the pitch for 5.30.