Friday, June 01, 2007

Practice Sunday - Read this

I was out on GT Berry today mowing the wicket and a couple of council workers drove across the field in their van and pulled up alongside me I wasn't sure what they were going to say what with me mowing their field!

Anyway it turns out that they were the parks and recreation officers and they'd been tipped off that someone was mowing the field and they'd asked the 'Grass' to ring them the next time I could be caught at it. Well here I was red handed as such. But they were there to say well done mate - grass roots sports and using the facilities we'd like to encourage you and help you out if we can. They then asked about who we were etc and when I explained we practice there Sundays despite it being a bit rough, he then rang the green keeper at 'The Rec' which is about 400 Yds from our pitch and arranged so that we can play on the real wicket there and use the clubhouse and everything free of charge!

So this Sunday we can play on a real wicket with a boundary (And its small - loads of 4's and 6's for everyone).

So 10.00 at GT Berry and then we'll make our wat to the Rec it's only round the corner.

More later.