Friday, June 15, 2007

Match Day Update 16.10hrs

So far the game is on. The report from the groundsman is that it's all sytems go unless it rains bewteen now and 5pm. Everyone is looking at websites trying to figure if it's going to rain I reckon looking at proper charts the weather men are hedging their bets and saying it will rain at 15.00hrs. I reckon it's 50/50. Update at 15.00hrs.....

16.10hrs - Weather -

Here in southend Windy,Dry, warm and sunny all systems go! Cloudy but not so ominous now.

Captains plans are as follows....

Here we go then chaps

bowlers look like

Si, Me, Chris, Jack, Dave – we’ll all have to be on form since I don’t have any options for rotation. We’ll open up with quicks and see if we can use Dave to mix it up – especially to tease them at the end of the innings

Batting order is as follows (don’t make it up as you go along like last time)


We must look to put pressure on the fielding side and run wherever possible runs not wickets are the issue with this game – standing around waiting to hit 6’s in 20/20 is not an option. Do however play yourself in, trying to twat it in the first couple of deliveries will be likely to get you out.

Fielding will be up close to start with one or two sweepers as the batsmen get their eye in – we must field closer than we do at practice to put the pressure on, there’ll be more people to plug the gaps. Start with the Wicket keeper, Wide first slip, gulley, (deep) leg slip, short mid on, short mid off, cover, cover point, square leg, long off (sweeping).

All ok? Remember to get there as soon as you can after college in order to warm up and get a feel for bowling on the pitch (not as straightforward as you may think)
[Dave – who is going to umpire the match? – can you forward this to anyone else you can]

Watch this space..............