Monday, June 11, 2007

Tuesday Night Practice

There's a practice scheduled for Tuesday night over at Great Berry

As many of us as possible should turn up as for most of us this will be the last chance to have a practice before the match on Friday night.

Hopefully there'll be a good turn out? We should have -

Suhail, Ankul, Nakul, Dave, Chris, Alex Jnr, Jack and Alex Wood - that's 9 already and Suhail may be able to bring a couple more players so there could be enough for a good practice? Taking Suhail's advice we should all take turns at the crease two at at a time maybe have a 10 minute limit each and just be bowled at continuously by all of the bowlers one after another - 3 bowlers have six balls each the rest of the team fielding trying to take catches and retrieving the balls - rotating the bowlers. Then if your bowled your out. Have 3rd batsman already padded up and he keeps a tally of each individuals run score? The bloke that's given out joins the fielding/bowling.