Sunday, June 10, 2007

This weeks schedule

I'm knackered and so are a few others, so I'm going to keep away from bowling for a couple of days. The next scheduled practice is for Tuesday night over at Great Berry. Depending on who's going to turn up and what time I don't normally get over there till 7.30 at the earliest. By all means come and collect the gear and get set up earlier if you are going to be there earlier. If there's a few people who are going to get over there earlier than 7.30 I make a concerted effort to get along early myself. So far interested people who are/may turn up on Tuesday -

Alex Jnr

Thursday night I'm in the nets with Westcliff Cricket Club down at Chalkwell Park I'll let you know how that goes, be nice if I can bowl a few people out or pick up some batting tips?

Friday night as you all know is the first match with 'Sports Science' at Welstead Gardens with an expected starting time of 5.30. Talking to Alex the Captain it is going to be a case of first come first served with regards to getting to play. We can't mess about with people being indecisive. These games have been flagged up for months and months so if you can get there do so as early as possible. I'm looking forward to it - if the Alex, Chris and Jack turn up it looks like we may have a chance against there big guns. We're looking good with the bowling but our batting is what scuppers us.

Based on most likely to turn up by 5.30pm the team looks like this -

2.Alex Jnr
8.Nick Naughty
9.Terry the bloke

So there's still some gaps. Mark Soyes in the frame as well, but there's rumours that he's unfit? Badger I think is doing something? I'm not sure what the situation is with Nakul I'll have to talk to him this week. Boffa AKA Steve - might be able to help out along with a couple of other of my mates from Tilbury if we're really stuffed. If you can get there for 5.30 let me know.

Next Practice will be at 'The Rec' 17th June 9.30 - 12.30

That's a proper cricket pitch.

Sunday Game 1st July 40 overs match 1pm till finish Welstead Gardens

If you want to play in this game you need to let us know because the queue starts here........