Monday, June 18, 2007

Team Ethos

There's a lot of opinions flying around at the moment with regards the team ethos - are we in it to win or are we doing it for a laugh. The situation is this the team is made up of several types from me - totally obsessed and committed but crap through to - totally crap with hardly any commitment - to probably very good but unaware that they're considered to be in the team. Different factions within the team have opinions about the way forward, outsiders have their opinion on what we should do and each and every one of their opinions has a degree of merit depending on how you as an individual perceive the teams ethos.

At the moment with the follow up match looming on the horizon and it's to be a 40 overs affair we need to be clear as to what we're about because we've got 15 people chasing after 11 places. The game is on a Sunday and it looks like everyone is going to be available (If you're not let me know as it'll make this so much easier).

I think Alex knows the situation with regards who thinks what. I'll state my case.....

In view of the reason the team was formed and the committment shown through the winter by all those that turned up for the practice sessions we should stick to the original ethos - it's a bit of a laugh, not too serious and therefore the places within the team should go to those that have been there the longest. If any of those people can't make it their places should be taken by the next longest serving member.

Unless of course Alex (The Captain) feels otherwise and chooses to pick the team on ability and skills which I'm happy to go along with as well.