Monday, April 07, 2008

6 Days to go..............

No sign of any polar bears, but the glacier at the end of our road just broke off and I reckon this has implications for global warming! Still the upside is that maybe it's an indication that spring is on it's way and that I may play cricket this sunday without penguins getting in the way?

Yep it's still cold - around 8 degrees so it has got warmer than yesterday but certainly not my idea of cricket weather. The forecast is for another sunny day following a freezing night and then more rain on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. Rain equals warmer weather but there isn't going to be any cricket if the sun doesn't come out and dry out the wickets? So it's not looking good.

Nets tomorrow night and I'm expecting that they'll say the matches are off, but I'm still being ridiculously optimistic and hoping that the match will go ahead. To be honest if the rest of my team gripe about paying £2.00 to have net practice in the warm I cannot imagine that in a month of Sundays they'll ever pay out £10.00 to stand in the freezing cold and sleet to catch pneumonia in the name of cricket, especially after a winter of sitting indoors on their bums watching cricket on SKY in New Zealand and where have you - it just seems like they're not going to be able or want to cope with the reality shock of cricket in England in April.

Me - I'm mental and therefore I've been out there throwing balls, running backwards and forwards across fields throwing a ball trying to hit the stumps from 40 yards, practicing Leg breaks (And still not getting them) 20 rotational press-ups so far, stretching bands behind my head, planks and sideway planks even did some pull ups all in the name of friendly matches! The amount of effort I put in you'd think I was in a league or something - I'm not!