Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gutted at work!

I've had to go into work today and turns out sunny and warm and 18 degrees!

This evening I continued my fitness training and had half hour out on the field throwing and running back and forth as described in the previous blog. So far I've not suffered any real after affects which is good and incentive to carry on. I've also been doing rotator cuff exercises to help with the bowling and throwing generally. I'm managing to do ten of these rotational push ups

per spell and doing 30 or 40 per day, so that's good and I'll be looking to get up to 100 per day 20 at a time something like that by the time the first match comes along. Perhaps that may help with getting some more speed on the ball like Matt suggested at GCCC?

I'm also doing these but using a sprung bar "Round the worlds"

So hopefully this will help keep injuries at bay and possibly help with my bowling?