Friday, April 11, 2008

Plan of action

Last summer I used to log my bowling practicing - keep tallies of how many wides, how many times I hit the stumps, what balls I was bowling etc. This gave me a recordable database to see how well I was progressing. I may start this again. I seem to recall that by the end of the season I was bowling 15% wides when I was bowling well. I'm hoping that after today and the recent days this is going to be dramatically reduced?

Oh yeah and another thing -

I'm going to end up being a Peter Philpott bore but......Last year as a part of my learning and I think I've mentioned it on here I spent a week or so bowling with my eyes closed experimenting with the idea that what you do needs to be almost natural and smooth to the point that you do exactly the same thing time after time to the point where you no longer need to use your eyes and it worked, I could pitch the ball in a small area and hit the stumps surprisingly often. I did loads of internet searches to see if I could find anyone else that was looking at the theory and whether there was any validity in the experiment and couldn't find anything. So it felt like I was on my own with the idea. I used to talk to people about it and they'd look at me as though I was mental. I've been vindicated - Mr Philpotts recommends that you do it in order to sense that what you do is smooth and controlled - top bloke!