Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's now Tuesday and I'm still suffering with regards my thighs which have obviously taken a real pounding. There's so obviously a massive difference between running in training situations and running in competitive situations, after training I ache for a short while but the next morning there's nothing like this, so do I need to step up my running training? I'll see how I feel Wednesday night?

The other aftermath of the match is insect bites. I've noticed a new type of fly that I've never experienced before in my life. It's nothing like a gnat/mosquito, more like your normal house fly but about 1/3 of the size, maybe slightly smaller. They're found on fields and there's laods of them on the football field where I do my fitness training and you have to keep moving otherwise they swarm around you and make their move. Unlike gnats they seem to not be fussed by the fact that you are moving and this maybe because like house flies they're more robust and mobile when compared to your skinny little delicate gnat who seems to have to hover and land surrupticiosly in places you cant see. But these little bleeders are a lot more "Get in there"! But - man do they bite. YOu don't notice it until the next day and then the itching starts, but unlike a gnat bite you can't dig a cross in your skin and break the skin and sort the problem out like that - no, these bleeders itch like mad for over a week or more and you end up scratching you skin to bit all over and around the initial bite! I've seen people scratch themselves and cause infections and end up in hospital with them!

Finally - it's now almost Wednesday and still my legs are stiff! The good news is that my thumb is okay and the swelling has gone down and it's no longer painful so it looks as though there's nothing wrong with it other than it must have been bashed?

I've just read through this and realised it's a bit short on cricket content! But it might be something you can all relate to so.....