Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gipper

I can't believe this blokes action (Paul Adams) in this image but it gives me hope with my new "Gipper" ball! Today I've managed to get out with some balls and bowl a bit and in both sessions I was trying the new delivery and having varying success with it, but overall it's still needs a ton of work. There's another thread elsewhere that discusses the need to bowl the same delivery around 10,000 times before you get it sussed and today It was reflecting on exactly that kind of idea. Because this new delivery is so random at the minute I can't get any consistency with it at all. Sometimes it spins and deviates massively and other times it goes straight and I can't figure out whether it's the position of my arm or my hand or the velocity and it's simply just difficult to pinpoint what works and what doesn't. It seems as though if I just use the delivery out of the blue one in every 14 balls or something like that it works nicely, but then if I try and repeat the action it goes to pieces?The other thing I realised is that to bowl this ball it requires a really weird bowling action that's easily recognised because I start with a really strange and twisted round straight arm as I go into the action. I've tried to bowl it with a normal action and it works but is far less consistent. So looking at the picture above that's comforting from the point of view that some other people bowl using really unconventional actions and my delivery may mean I bowl using this weird straight and twisted arm which possibly looks equally as weird?In an ideal world I'll work on it and be able to bowl it using a normal looking wind up, but I think as I realised today it may take all season before I feel I can use it in a match - it's that 10,000 practices thing I reckon?