Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dibbly, Dobbly & Wobbly

What a day! At one point today the temperature was up to 24 degrees and we had back to back sunshine all day long. I managed to get out for 3 seperate practice sessions albeit with my kids in the background or directly involved but the earlier session was okay - an hour on my own trying things out.All three sessions were conducted over at Great Berry Open Space using the new designated practice wicket that runs from end to end along the length of the field rather than across the field as we did last year. By the end of the day it was clear that the field is relatively level, so that's a good point. By the end of the day with regards my bowling - hmmm not so sure hence the description today of Dibbly dobbly and wobbly.

Leg breaks - very slight turn and not a lot of control over the length.

Flipper - earlier in the day they seemed to be okay - very accurate but used as my main ball I think the batsman would get used to them very quickly. They turned a bit in the morning but as the day went on they seemed straighter, but that may because I gradually bowled fast as the day went on?

Top Spinner - These seem fairly good and have a tendency sometimes to turn in towards leg like wrong uns, they bounce nice as well and are a slightly faster delivery.

Slider - Bowled 2 all day and they fizzed in really low and much faster and were accurate - a potential surprise ball, but in a match situation will I have the confidence to bowl them as they sometimes go awry?

Wrong Uns - Nice! Some turn really well and the bounce nice and high and the speed can be varied quite easily, accurate and good against Left Handed batsmen.

Gipper - Seem to be losing it and don't seem to be going forward with it at all. Not sure what to do?

At the end of the day I was joined by my mate Thomas and he had a bit of 4 hit fest, but I would have had him 3 times in the first 2 overs in a match situation with Wrong Uns - one of which was bowled and caught, but as he settled in with no pressure he then took control, so I don't know?

What's it going to be like tomorrow - have I improved or will the fact that I'm a lot more accurate and not spraying the ball around as much mean I wont force as many mistakes and be far too predicatable? Only a game will reveal the truth. It'll be interesting to see how the ball turns on a proper wicket.The thing is the weather forecast is for rain, so it may not happen anyway?