Saturday, April 12, 2008


I was hoping that my mate Thomas would be off over the weekend but seems that he's not so I'm still not going to get that much of an opportunity to try out my new bowling technique. The suns out though which is good, but there's ominous looking clouds scattered here and there with periods of threatening clouds. But the forecast last night was good. So if I do some chores (decorating) this morning I may be able to get out on the field this afternoon? I may also at some point go and look at how Great Berry Open Space (GBOS) is drying out and see whether they're still playing football over there because it is closer and there is a chance that if I practice over there Suhail may turn up or some of the lads from last year as they all live around the field?

More later......

After a morning of glorious sun and the prospects of crickety afternoon I had lunch and the heavens opened up and it poured with rain and hailstones - Gutted. The evening kind of cleared up a bit and I could have sloped off for a session over at FTF. I rang Thomas and the poor bloke has got to work tomorrow from 5am and he said he was off to bed in a short while cos he was so knackered. So instead I went over to the local football pitch and threw some balls. Spent about half an hour bowling Wrong Uns and played around with trying the leg break. It's almost certainly got something to do with my hand and wrist position. Recently on the website I noted a comment someone had made about bowling the Leg Break and the bloke said that his coach said the wrist action on release was the same kind of action as turning a doorknob. This makes total sense, but because of the fact that I have this opposite action and the vertical arm and I bowl Wrong Uns well - that door knob turning action just feels so alien? Despite this I'd love to be able to bowl Leg breaks in the conventional manner so it is something I am going to stick with and persevere with. I did notice that - what was supposed to be a Leg Break was more like a top spinner - but it was nice and fast and bounced well which was good.

I also had a look at the idea of "Baseball grips" I tried the "Knuckle ball" I bowled it and the weirdest thing was it was really fast and potentially accurate which was interesting and I may investigate this further. Reading the little info that I have so far the interesting thing with the knuckle ball is that it is unpredictable (With a baseball) it seems that with a baseball the ball begins to corkscrew as it flies through the air. I'm wondering what would happen if you were to throw a knuckleball where the ball flies at you with just the smooth area of the cricket ball coming at you, that would then mean the seam would be the first part of the ball that hits the ground - what might that do to the bounce I wonder?

I reckon this is something to look at rather than to ignore, it maye that like this current idea of merging the flipper with the Wrong Un I come up with something a bit odd that might work in some way. Maybe using the knuckle ball grip and spin it out of the hand? Logically it seems as though there wouldn't be any benefit, but who knows until you try it?

I've just spent a couple of hours trying to come up with some graphics so that I can help to explain what I'm up to. This is the first one. I've been writing about this new delivery and this is the kind of angle that I'm talking about when bowling this ball and also the kind of length. The ball because of the lofty looping trajectory pitches relatively short at a good length and then spins away at really acute angles as in the diagram here.
As I've said before the batsman potentially sees that it's ridiculously slow and could come out of his crease to go after it because of the slowness of the delivery? At the moment I'm in 2 minds whether to speed up the delivery because my observations are that if the delivery is speeded up it then means that the gain (Speed) is at the expense of turn. I suppose the best option is be able to do both - if I can pitch the ball wide of leg but faster it may be the batsman will assume that it's going to continue to turn so acutely?
Who knows - all I need to do is keep practicing and try and get someone to bat against it and see how affective it is?