Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday and already I've had the call up from my captain (Last night) for the coming match on Sunday and it seems he was pleased with my bowling as well. I've also emailed him back asking to identify some of the blokes on Sunday who's names I didn't know, so I may be able to rectify some of the mistakes? I'm well up for Sunday but it's my Mother-in Laws 60th birthday on Saturday and the party is at my gaff. So that'll mean that I've got my Bro-In-Law et al coming down from the snowy north (Derby) who usually hang around till Sunday afternoon before they head back and it might be seen as bad form if I walk out on everyone Sunday Midday? I'll have to see how it pans out. One possible positive is the face that it's May bank holiday and they may be staying till Monday in which case my absense for 6 hours on Sunday might be over-looked?

Today I was reeling in shock that petrol and no doubt Diesel is now more than £5.00 a gallon and I said to Michelle "Strewth - did you know petrol was £5.00 a gallon now"? To which she replied "Yes and there's you driving backwards and forwards to Loughton on Sunday"! I should have seen that coming, but you can see how cricket goes down in my house? I'll have to mark in the fixture on the calender tonight and mention it somewhere in a conversation and see what kind of a response I get. I can feel some decorating coming on.......

Other than that the weather at the most doesn't look too clever although the weather system looks pretty static at the moment possibly meaning that it's moving slowly and I know there's a high pressure area behind it, so maybe that'll move into place Friday or Saturday slowly and then be around for a while and dry everything out as the rain in the last 24 hours has been fairly heavy.