Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Different Mindset

Today I had to come to terms with the fact that the last two weeks wasn't normal. All that cricket practice was because I was on holiday and my kids were on holiday and real life was on hold. This week with 2 late nights and the combination of bad weather has meant there has been no chance of getting out there and either practicing or even doing any training. Today I walked around and sat at work looking at back to back blue sky for much of the day optimistic that maybe I'd be able to get out on a field somewhere and throw some balls. This morning though a hint of reality invaded my bubble when I realised that both Ben and Joe would be at Scouts and Beavers this evening and therefore I'd be driving them around and that they've not seen me much over the last 48 hours or more because of my late nights.Then tonight it dawned on me that this is my reality now till the summer holidays. There's going to be nothing doing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the only chance of an evening knock about will be Thursday and Friday and the weekend. Then even that will be at the expense of seeing my kids and Michelle wont be happy about that?

So I've got to temper my cricket enthusiasm and except that some week I may only be able to get out on the field Thursday or Friday night and then maybe only one of the nights. But this week looks like a lost cause as the rain is due back tomorrow. Lets see how it goes.

That now means that the Gloucester Park blokes may establish themselves on the FTF wicket and I may never get a look in. Friday mornings might be an option, but then there wont be anyone around? I'm sitting here thinking - it hasn't rained yet tonight and there was a breeze earlier does that mean the grass will be dry could I go and mow the wicket to give the impression that someone other than the Aisian blokes is using the wicket and by virtue of it being obviously and clearly prepared for that purpose they use it as it should be? I'll see what happens.