Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back to work

At work today and needless to say it’s the warmest day in recent days and there’s back to back sunshine. Last night I tried to establish if there’s a game on Sunday and it’s looking like there’s not . It looks like the only game being played is a 1st team game and they’re not even sure that’s going ahead – remember this relies not just on our blokes but the other team turning up as well.

Alex (GCCC said last night that some of the them get over to Blackshots in the evenings and have a knock about and I’ve exchanged emails with him and he’s going to let me know if there’s anything happening. I’ve taken the video camera into work today and if I get a moment I’m going to try and get Richard to record me bowling this new flipper variation I’ve sussed out. The good thing is at college I can get an ariel view of it and you’ll be able to see the deviation of the ball from above which is nice. Lets hope it all works out. Who knows we may even be able to get a camera and shoot the hand – wrist – grip when it’s bowled and get that uploaded as well.

Later...... Yeah tried that and it didn't come out to well - someone else had the camera - you can't get the staff these days! So it looks like I'll have to go back to the drawing board with that idea. But what's worse is the fact that Whilst I was bowling and it was seemingly being recorded the bowling action was coming apart as such. It just didn't seem to be turning quite so dramatically. But then saying that it was also easier on my arm and my arm didn't seem to be getting jarred quite to much by the action of bowling - or is it just the case that I need to be warmed up before this bowling action is most affective?

Other than sitting here at work looking out side at what is obviously warm and sunny weather is a bit gutting. Hopefully I'll get what I need done and slope off a bit early?

Later on......

So I left work at just after 4pm in glorious sunshine and arrive home 15 miles later on the train in gloomy clouds - typical. Anyway somewhat down heartened by the fact that since yesterday this new variation seems to have gone from being brilliant to what looked normal for leg spin I now had a chance to throw a few balls off camera and see what was going wrong. I threw a few balls and realised I wasn't getting my arm twisted right round to the same extent I was yesterday. So with that realised I threw a few more and they were okay, so panic off I can still get the ball to turn to leg very well.

I was then looking forward to a chance to try this out on my mate Thomas so I called him and he was up for it and then family commitments were waved in front of me and I had honor them. But tomorrow I'm off and Friday so there'll be a chance then and tomorrow is looking sunny and it hasn't rained for a few days so the wicket will be dryish. Being a week day though it's unlikely that anyone will join me so that's a downside.

I'm off to check my email and see if Alex at G&CCC has emailed me with a practice opportunity Friday evening?