Saturday, November 22, 2008


Blimey I've just been across the field for my weekly pitch inspection and chuck a ball around a bit. Oh - it's a bit cold and not conducive with doing things outside at the moment. The pitch was okay the markers are still there to indicate where it used to be and it doesn't look like it's suffering too much from the affects of having football played all over it.

I was intending on going to the sports hall and having a bit of a bowl and a bat. But when I woke up my arms and shoulders felt a bit sore and I was less inclined to go and then what with the fact that it was going to be costing me 8 quid I felt even less inclined. But right at the last moment I did get up, stuff some breakfast down my neck and left the house with a bat under my arm to have a go. Then walking down the street I thought better of it and came back home.

I had a bit of chuck around outside my house and again noticed the sore arm and shoulder. Now whether that's down to the batting last night or whether I'm bowling out of the back of my hand and twisting my whole arm to do so to bowl this new variation I'm not 100% sure? But I've got a feeling it might be the bowling action? In which case, have I at last got over the Googlie Syndrome - is my normal bowling action the Leg Break now? I wont know now till the weather warms up a bit and I try the Leg Breaks and see how they go.

In the meantime over the field I threw a few of these new variation balls and they look very good. The whole action feels like the Gipper a bit but the wrist isn't bent in such an acute angle. The arm is pretty much twisted round like with the Doosra and I reckon they look like the same action if you're the bat, the only difference being is the Doosra that turns towards Leg Slip sit more snuggly in my hand and this new ball that turns like a leg break is held bewteen the finger and thumb like a flipper. So when I get out onto somewhere better to practice this might be really interesting? Hopefully I'l be able to use it against my mates next weekend and bowl some wickets?