Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wrist spin variations

Not that it means a great deal with regards my bowling figures as yet but it looks like I now have 8 bowling variation that are not seam down.

1. Leg Break
2. Googly
3. Top Spinner
4. Slider
5. Flipper
6. Gipper
7. Doosra
8. Knuckle Ball

This week I am mostly bowling the Leg Break, but I might if I can get out today try some of the others with the exception of the Googly and just see how accurately I can bowl them, especially some of the ones I hardly ever use - Gipper, Doosra and Knuckle Ball.

I realised that yesterday in the sports hall using the ball the kids had, I'd have got a lot of deviation using the Gipper and should have given them a go as they'd have been really impressed at the way that spins. So if I can get out much during the coming week I may have a week of bowling Gippers to see if I can get a consistent line and length - as that'll be a bit of a laugh bowling that against the Basildon boys and maybe even the instructors!

The weather today is dry, so hopefully I'm going to get out on an artificial wicket over at Glouscester Park and have an hour or so seeing if I can convert yesterday progress into something with a proper ball?