Sunday, November 09, 2008

A little later.....

I had a bit of a chuck about outside my house to see if I could get the same affect as yesterday. It was a bit better than earlier on when I went over the field. Some of them were looking as though they were turning towards the slips, but then every now and then one would spin the other way.
The thing is if I flick my wrist and throw the ball up over a short distance I get this kind of affect- Then it all goes wrong when I start to bowl the ball with some speed across greater distances, somehow something goes wrong and I end up with an off break?

In this second session I was bowling more with a kind of a push than a fling. My Doosra and my Googly rely on a kind of flinging action with the arm twisting as well as the wrist, but I kind of get the sense that the arm gets into a straight position very early in the action and kind of catapualts the ball with the flick right at the end. But some months ago a bloke on the internet was saying that you should push the ball through the air. I think it's sense that you're pushing the ball through the air that may be having the desired affect. When I do it I kind of feel like the action looks like Stewart McGills action because the arm feels like it's in that poised ready to push position that he has as he approaches the crease. Maybe it's something I need to look at. Or perhaps not bowl for a while - keep flicking in the Leg Break manner and visualise what I'm supposed to do during the non -bowling period and then bowl in a weeks time or something? Because when I bowled yesterday it was the first time in about a week - maybe that's a factor?