Monday, November 17, 2008

I need your feedback on this?

I've been sitting here all night gagging to drive around town looking for other places where I can do this drill and not look like the town nutter. So, instead I've been posting this up on other websites trying to get a response with regards it's usefulness and I've just posted it on to see if people will give me some feedback?.........

I'm not a big fan of doing exercises for the sake of keeping fit. On this website David Hinchcliffe talks about working on your fitness using exercises that are cricket specific. Two of the areas I tend to neglect are general cardiovascular and leg exercises e.g.running. Out of season this becomes even more of a problem because if I'm going to do it I want to do it away from roads and petrol/diesel fumes so I usually run around playing fields. But now we're up to our necks in mud till late March the incentive to do that has diminished. So I was kind of stuck as to what to do. I tried power walking but similar to running it's just so damn boring! But, this weekend looking for ways to practice my batting I tried batting a ball up against a wall. It's taken me loads of attempts with different balls to get the right kind of bounce and ping off the wall but I've now found the right balance with a particular ball. So, I've been able to practice hitting the ball using front foot drives and this forces me to hit the ball clean and straight so as not to deviate too much off of a nice return line. When the return line isn't straight it then means I have to move my feet and get my head over the line of the ball and my leading foot towards the ball so as to maintain the practice non stop. I can see that if I was to find a really good wall to practice against e.g. in a sports hall I could then start to hit the ball in different directions - cover drives and maybe leg glances every 10 balls or something? What I was amazed at was that just doing this for 15 minutes I came away sweating like a horse, with my heart pounding and then later my thigh, calf and buttock muscles all feeling the affects of being on my toes having to bounce around and almost dance in order to continuously correct my balance and line to keep the ball going back and forth off the wall! This strikes me as a brilliant cricket specific exercise that might improve my batting/timing/balance whilst doing the cardivascular stuff?

Does anyone else do this and am I right to think this is a worthwhile drill on both counts?

Ben, my older son does Karate on Monday nights at a local sports hall and I enquired there about how much the courts are for an hour and they're 8.50 quid. So that's almost a fair price. I might go back and see how much half an hour would be or enquire if one of the blokes at work might want to join me and share the cost? The courts are badminton court size and the hall divides up into 3 of these by drawing curtains across the hall so they're ideal. Something to look into?