Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday - rest day

Nothing doing tonight, I'll probably do some form off exercises but again coming in at 10.00pm at night there's not a lot of willing to go outside and do any running or walking. I may still do some exercises with the terra bands and some pull ups and rotational press ups and stuff, but no actual bowling I'll give my rotator cuff a rest.

Last night I ordered a bag of dimpled Hockey Balls off of Newitts.... so I'll now have 18 balls to use when I'm practicing on concrete and they're cheap at the minute and no postage fees, so that was a bit of a result.

I'm looking forward to Saturday and when Ben and Joe go to their cricket training. I've not said anything to Joe yet about going, but no matter what he does Saturday - short of him sawing his legs off or something he's going. He's a bit like me - loads of things I really like doing I just can't be bothered with and would just as easily sit at home. Then if I go I always enjoy it, it's just a case of getting on with it and going. So he will be there Saturday at 10.00!

I may have a bowl Friday night and work on the Gipper in the event that I get another chance to bowl during the kids practice. To pull a nice Gipper out of the hat in front of all the trainers and the kids would be a right result, so I may give it a go? Or I could just use it as a test bed for my newly forming Leg Break?