Friday, November 28, 2008

Nothing doing so I thought I'd promote one of my favourite internet companies. I've ordered several items from them over the last two years and the service you get from them is exceptionally good. Deliveries are fast - within a matter of days and the gear is really well packaged. The prices are very good often the cheapest around. At the moment they're sending most of their stuff out Free postage so if you're looking for good quality and cheap gear - forget ebay look at Newitts, usually by the time you've added on the postage with Ebay you've paid shop prices.

I did some research today on Newitts wondering whether they'll be hit by the recession and it looks to me as though they'll be okay and that's good news as they're a small company based in Yorkshire with only 35 or so staff. So when you're buying gear look at Newitts as an option - a briliant service and good prices.