Monday, November 10, 2008


After the initial prospects of a new team being formed and some practice in the nets every now and then at the weekends, it's looks as though it'll probably come to nothing. I emailed all of the potential players and it looks as though I've not had a response from any of them apart from the new Bloke Steve Newman. But his response wasn't that encouraging either, what he basically said was that all the blokes he's got lined up all play football at the weekends through the winter and that they'll be up for it in the summer. Hmmm?

I can see that with a push and a shove I could get Badger, Simon, Mark and Alex involved but not enough blokes to hire some nets. I don't feel that inclined to go chasing around looking for somewhere to practice on a Saturday morning when I'd have to give up on watching my kids play/practice.

1. I don't need to I'm in a cricket team!
2. It looks like by going and watching my sons I'm learning stuff anyway!
3. Last week I was involved in a game and had a knock and a bit of bowling!

So why would I want to go and pull my nuts off getting something sorted when it seems the interest and commitment doesn't really seem to be there? But on the other hand it'd be good to bowl against them and to practice my batting against some fairly fast bowlers in the nets. It's a dilemma!

Been flicking the ball a lot and it does look as though I might be getting somewhere with the idea. I had one of the lads contact me and leave a message today "Edlad" and he's put a really useful link up on the comments box which is very good and goes into some detail with regards Wrist Spin bowling. The most useful point for me at this juncture is the idea that you start off with just one step and bowl as part of the process of getting the action right. I'm thinking that if I can get the ball to turn massively to point from a standing position if I now work on the idea of doing the same thing with just one step hopefully it follows that the ball will still come out of my hand spinning in the right direction? The idea is that once you're comfortable with that you build up the steps one by one till you've got a full run in?
I reckon that this is brilliant if you're a kid and you can get a mate or someone (Your Dad) to throw the ball back to you and you can repeat it again and again and encourage you as you get it right, but on your own up against a wall it's a lot more difficult. Still I've got no other option so I shall just have to shut up and get on with it! Anyway here's the link....