Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunny & warm

Today in stark contrast to yesterday it's sunny and warm! Went through my exercises this morning and despite the fact that it bores me to tears I am doing it occasionally and will try and continue doing it. Although I don't actually feel that much stronger - for instance pull ups I'm struggling to do 4 whereas a few year back I was doing pull ups with one arm and able to do 120 a day with my knees pulled up to my chin while I'm up there.

I've added another exercise where I stand with my back to a corner unit in the kitchen then place my hands behind me and lift my legs up and hold them for a second or two and repeat see digaram. I reckon this'll be a good one for core strength stuff as it does your stomach muscles. You can make it a lot more difficult by stretching your legs our straight in front of your into what was called an L -sit back in the 70's when we used to skateboard a lot. More difficult still is then to raise your feet up so they're up higher - level with your shoulder into a V - sit. The L sit I can manage but the V-sit is more your Olympian standard!

I like this one as it's an exercise you can do while you're waiting for a cup of tea to boil.

Valence Way News

Went over the field earlier and there's a bunch of kids playing on the field and thankfully not adults. Ben said to me "They're ruining our cricket pitch" I had to remind him that it's not our cricket pitch and that it's in fact their field!

I'll go over later and see if there's any repairs I'll have to do, but hopefully as it was a bunch of boys the damage wont be that bad?