Friday, November 21, 2008

In a spin

Gave the new variation some more thought last night and this morning got up and threw a few in the kitchen but going the whole hog with the application of the Flipper technique so that the delivery in fact is a spinner the flipper delivered up-side down. Because the spin then is imparted using the exact finger and thumb configuration and application, it strikes me that it's simply a flipper but with the hand in a new position in the same way that my Gipper is. I then had a look at Wikipedia and a description of the Doosra and more descriptions of Finger Spin and it strikes me that the Flipper has a lot more in common with Finger Spin than Wrist Spin? It looks as though if your turn the wrist in all sorts of directions with the Flipper you can make the ball Spin in what ever direction your wish. A straight hand with the palm of the hand for instance facing the bat at the point of release could potentially impart dramatic spin?

Is it the case that Finger Spinners impart the spin on the ball using the Thumb and Fingers in the same way that the Flipper is bowled? I'm going to have to investigate - but I'm pretty certain they don't because whenever I show people the mechanics of the Flipper they look at me as if I'm mental and if it was like their action - surely they'd say "That's what we do"!

Anyway on the subject of Spin I thought this was worth a mention -