Sunday, November 09, 2008


God how depressing, after yesterdays sudden change in fortune in getting the ball to spin off to the slips bowling proper Leg Breaks today as the last time this happened I can't do it again. I seem to have been doing exactly the same thing and yet as the ball comes out of my hand I can see that it's spinning the wrong way!! I'm gutted.

What happened yesterday that I didn't do today?
Well, for one I was on grass today at a place I'd never used before over at Glouscester Park. You can see from the image that it's got a bank around the edges of this piece of grass and the stumps were set up just in front of the bank stopping the ball from going miles past the stumps. But the ground is pretty uneven but not too bad. All my other variations were spinning off to wherever you'd expect them too so the surface wasn't causing a problem - it was simply the way the ball was coming out of my hand it was spinning wrong and I couldn't get it right. It's just depressing.
I bowled some gippers and they worked okay - a bit wayward sometimes but ocassionally spinning well towards slip. Maybe I should give up on Leg Breaks and bowl gippers - they do the same thing but are just slower?
I may go somewhere tonight on concrete with the hockey balls and have another go later and see what happens. But for now after yesterdays apparent break- through I'm just fed up.