Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bowling progress Ben and me

My Progress; Cold today although quite sunny and therefore managed to get outside a bit and throw the ball around. I've been flicking the ball all the time indoors with the wrist turned inwards trying to re-wire my brain into accepting that this is how I now bowl and that when I bowl the wrist needs to be cocked in this manner so that when the flick happens the ball spins like a leg break. It may be coming together, because all day the ball has been spinning off in the correct direction with varying degrees of spin. At one point I was even attempting with some success to get the ball to dip, so this all looks quite interesting so long as I stick to the fairly short distance that I'm bowling to at the moment and don't jump up to the 22 yards too soon.

The other thing I did today was try the Clarrie Grimmet Flipper. My own Flipper is the single middle finger and thumb variety a la' Shane Warne and as far as I can make out he Clarrie Grimmet Flipper uses all of the fingers. So I gave that a go and it looks as though it may actually produce even more backspin than the Warnesque version. I knocked up a little video showing how it's done and how much backspin that it produces which is something that none of the on-line resources at the minute fail to demonstrate. So when I get a minute I'll upload that to you tube or perhaps try and link it to my blog here? *Note - I could do the flick but I've got no accuracy with the Grimmet version.

Ben's bowling development;

Ben's had a good day today with his bowling. I have to be careful not to push him to hard with this stuff otherwise he gets frustrated with it and creates set backs. So this afternoon just before his cricket training with his club we went outside the house and I showed him what it is that he needs to be doing and he pretty much got it within a few goes and conceded that it looked to be fairly accurate and he felt that it gave him more speed with his bowling. So with only 10 minutes of trying it at home he went to his training session and gave it a run out in the nets.

The only thing is he gets the Yips when he's there doing it his own comfortable off the wrong foot way so then for him to try it in the nets in front of all his peers and the coaches I thought showed a real sense of determination to get it right and I was well chuffed because he did get it wrong loads of times but stuck at it.

When we got home we then set up the stumps and gave it a go and he then came up with the goods consistently. There was so much of an improvement I had to get the wicket keepers gloves on and some keeping pads! At the minute we're not working on any speed aspects, he's just walking in going into the jump off his left foot (which is the key thing he was doing wrong) landing on his right then pivoting round/over onto his left fading into the right through the follow through. At the minute he kind of stalls on the left foot pivot and fades away, but I noticed at his training session all his contempories do the same and the coach said to give him time and it'll come together. The best thing was he was really pleased with the accuracy and the increase in speed that there seems to be, so it looks like he's on board with getting it fixed.