Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 4th

Tonight I came home via our field and noticed that you could see the wicket because of the fact that I'd rolled it on Sunday. Even though Sunday was the last dry day of almost 2 weeks of relatively dry weather, the roller has definitely had some impact and the surface does look far smoother and flatter than the surrounding field. Since Sunday we've had a fair bit of rain and the ground feels a lot soggier underfoot, so I am tempted to give it another going over on Sunday but I'm put off by the return journey which as mentioned in the last post is uphill and having single handedly rolled for 15 minutes or so is knackering. I'll have to have a pitch inspection after the footballers have gone and have a look to see how much damage has been inflicted.

I can also see that there's the potential towards the end of march to top dress and seed the wicket prior to a rolling session. That way the seeds will be nicely embedded in the earth with the increased potential to go. If the field isn't cut soon and the weather improves and growing takes place at a pace, I'll have a look at what the groundsman at the local cricket pitch is doing and if he's beginning to cut the wicket I'll possibly do the same.