Monday, March 09, 2009

Wrist Spin Bowling round the loop

Now that I've got the Leg Break back I've felt compelled to show you the different grips and wrist positions when I bowl the ball including my unique 'Gipper' ball. All the of the following images would be an approximation of what the bat sees of my hand just as the ball is released.

The first image here is my leg break hand position and one of the key features which I over-looked to some extent when I was getting my head round the idea of how to recover it having suffered from the Googly syndrome was the wrist position. The fact that the under-side of the wrist A was facing the bat. It's the realisation that this was integral that finally brought it all together and gave me consistency.

It now follows that with a slight more turn 'Going round the Loop' with the little finger and possibly a slight twist of the wrist turned towards the bat that this will produce the Big Leg Break. This at the moment is very much at the fledgling stage, but I'm hopeful that it's going to come good because it employs Peter Philpotts 'Round the Loop' theory.

The Top Spinner you'll see has the thumb come round the loop another 90 degrees towards the bat from the Leg Breaks position. No longer is the palm or the under-side of the wrist facing the bowler but the side of the wrist. This is the delivery that I'm able to execute the maximum amount of wrist flick with other than the Googly/Wrong Un. In my case I have to err towards having the palm slightly towards the bat and not so straight on otherwise I tend to produce Wrong Uns.

This ball is the Flipper. Clicked between the fingers as if clicking the fingers to the beat of music. Suppposedly the most difficult of all the basic variations. The hand and wrist is pretty much the same as the Top Spinner in appearance as you make the delivery, if you don't spot the finger grip you may then be surprised by the fact that it doesn't dip, but stays in the air and then skids in low and stalls to some extent with the back-spin that is it's main characteristic. I love this delivery as it's one that I'm able to bowl considerably faster than the others or alternatively really loopy and slow to the point where it stalls and almost stops in front of the bat because of the back-spin.

The Wrong un AKA The Googly. The wrist here has turned right round 'The Loop' in comparison to the Leg Break and this ball comes out of the back of the hand and as we all know turns the other way. It's supposed to be a difficult ball to master but again I've not had that much of a problem other than it screwed up my Leg Break for the best part of 2 years. The secret is to learn it slowly and bowl it only for short periods when you're learning it. Maybe spend 5 minutes trying to suss it out and then go back to your Leg Break and check to see if that's still happening. You have to keep returning to your Leg Break and check to see if you can still produce it.

Finally The Gipper a hybrid of the Googly and the Flipper. Bowled out of the back of the hand with a ridiculously twisted arm and wrist and flicked like a Flipper. Extremely difficult to control initially but if you keep at it you'll find that it comes together. Bowled up loopy and above the bats eyes sometimes it produces drift and dip and then turns like a big Leg Break. The delivery is unmistakable because of the neccesity to hold the ball and arm ready to deliver it, but you can bowl it straight with no turn. Potentially good as a variation.

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