Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jumping off the wrong foot

At the weekend you may recall I video'd son No.1 (10 years old) in red in the banner at the top of this page bowling. I think I mentioned that there was something odd about his action that I couldn't put my finger on. Having taken the video off the camera and running it through virtual dub to make a slow motion version copy of some of it I was able to compare it with some Slo-Mo clips of Brett Lee and I sussed out what it is that he's doing wrong and it's taking off on the wrong foot. Now whether this is a complete disaster or not I've not ascertained as yet because despite this he's reasonably fast, very accurate and produces good outswing when he bowls.

So at the minute I'm uploading the clip to youtube in order that the blokes on can analyse his action and give me some ideas as to how to help him rectify this problem.