Saturday, March 28, 2009

There's some discussion on the forum I subscribe to with regards the image here of Shane Warnes grip. It looks pretty unusual on a couple of counts.
1. I've blown the image up in Photoshop and drawn over what looks like the positions of the fingers and digits and then seperated the layer in order to examine the photo. The low resolution doesn't help that much but the appearence is that for a start he's got his thumb tucked into his hand.
2. The seam is in the position for a big turning leg break but looks interesting with regards the emphasis of the 3rd finger and the position of the wrist - it's definitely something I'm interested in exploring.
On the subject of the Biggun - I've just been outside the house bowling the Biggun across a short distance doing it again and again and giving it a real big flick and it turns a country mile as it's supposed to do. I need another spinner to practice with so I can throw it back and forth and he/she can watch my action and see if it changes as the distance gets bigger. That way I can bowl it and step by step getting the distance up from 10 yards (which I can do), slowly up to the 22 yards. I think that would help massively.
Slightly inspired by the session outside the house I thought I'd go over to the basket ball court and throw some balls there and see if that came up with anything. Again it went okay but again I'm lacking in patience - I started off with a 10 yard length but soon moved onto 17 yards and within minutes I was bowling the full 22 yards and again it was a case of some did some didn't. I also had a go at bowling using pretty much the grip in the picture above with Warne and it had some merit, it felt like the grip with all of the other fingers was pretty much non - existent but the ball was released and thrown only using the 3rd finger and it looks fairly promising. But I think half the problem is the fact that if I start looking at this seriously that means I'll be mucking around with 3 different variations of the Leg Break and I don't think that can be a good idea. I think I'm going to go back to trying to bowl with a big flick using all the levers.
Back home and outside the house again I was trying the big flick and it works across a shorter distance, so I may have a go again tomorrow and maybe use a phone to set time limits e.g. bowl at 10 yards and do so for 15 minutes and then go to 15 yards and do that for 15 and so on? But again outside the house very promising.
Generally the whole session at the basket ball court was pretty good. Flippers were good, wrong uns and Top Spinners were good. The conclusion has to be I have to keep bowling and once a week in the nets isn't sufficient.
Rain There's been a lot of rain in the last few days which means the field will be a bit soggy again after the 2 weeks or so of dry weather we have had. I'm looking at the field and thinking is this now the last opportunity to roll it again while it's fairly soggy? So I reckon tomorrow night I'll give it another going over and then when it's dry next depending on whether the grass gets a major growth spurt on or not I'll possibly lower the blades and cut the wicket. If it grows a lot I'll have to leave the blades high so as not to cut off more than a 3rd of the grass's height.