Friday, March 27, 2009


Laid in bed last night going back to the Leg break, it might be that I'm being too hard on myself, but I can't see why I can't consistently bowl a good or big leg break? It may be that if I put in some more practice I'll get the small leg break back and that'll be okay, but thinking about it I reckon my small leg break is more akin to a leg cutter than a spinning leg break. Last night in the kitchen doing what the master (Peter Philpott) recommends - flicking the ball, giving it a big rip everything I do is right, the ball turns big - massively in fact and with a lot of concentration but admittedly an awkward jerky action I can bowl it over a short distance. But then if I try and get it down a wicket it then goes very wrong and turns into a wrong un! I did declare that I'd given up on trying to bowl a biggun, but I feel that I shouldn't give up on bowling a good leg break using a obvious flick. Weirdly and worryingly my captain Neil was watching me bowl and he was saying that he'd swear that as I was bowling and releasing the ball it was a Leg Break but then when it pitched it was a Wrong Un - whereas I was bowling a Top Spinner.

I think the answer would be to bowl over ever increasing distances to someone else as it's this approach that has produced the most dramatic results in the past, but I just can't get anyone to do it with me.

In the short term I'll go back to my small leg breaks and recover them, but in the meantime I'll go back to spinning the ball completely unaware of what it is I'm doing that is so wrong to make the ball turn completely the wrong way. Gutted.