Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pies anyone?

I bowled a heap of pies tonight which wasn't good. I haven't been bowling in the way that I normally do e.g all the time and maybe this has something to do with it? So that's 2 weeks in a row now that I've bowled badly, so this weekend weather permitting I'll have to get out there and have a go and see if I can rectify the situation?

I shot some video of Super Dave bowling so hopefully that may be of some use to Ben, so I'll have to edit that at some point and upload it to youtube, but the clip I've got of 'Super' could do with being closer.

Our fields been cut again and it looks as though it's been done again with a proper mower again because it's got nice stripes. Maybe they've got someone to do it on a contract and this is going to be a regular thing? That'll be good because our outfield last year was a bit long some of the time. Maybe I should lower the blades on our mower as they're cutting the grass relatively short and the pitch is still pretty much indistinguishable from the outfield still?