Monday, March 09, 2009

Joe Thompson Wrist Spin Legend

My younger son today was demonstrating his Leg breaks. He's got a funny little grip but it works for him. He has all of his fingers across the seam and bowls out of the face of the hand like my leg break and probably brings his arm across his body and in doing so trails his fingers around the ball producing the spin. He has been erring towards trying to bowl Wrong uns out of the back of his hand and having a good degree of success, but I've been warning him that if he keeps it up he'll end up like me. So it looks as though he's heeded the warning and returned to bowling his leggies.

I can't wait for the weather to turn nicer so that they can get out there and bowl and force some improvements. I'll be able to update my mast head as well with a better image of Joe bowling and being in the foreground rather than at the other end batting. I need them to get on the field and play against the other kids to maintain their interest and keep up their performance and skills. Ben I noticed seemed to have developed a weak follow through so I want to video him and show him what he's doing so that we can work out how to correct it?

Today at school Ben was telling me that they're doing cricket in PE and being taught it by a lady teacher and he was saying that it was a disaster, but then when I asked him to elaborate he came up with the instructions she was giving the kids. 'Something about making a 6 shape when you bowl - it was rubbish' he said, but there was definitely something in it, it kind of produces a Grahame Swann bowling action and I reckon she got it spot on myself! But it does sound like she was a bit weak with her run-in, leading arm and follow through. 'It didn't matter' Ben said 'Me and Ozan (His mate) were furthest from her and she had us bowling back and forth to each other and I was showing Ozan how to do it properly'. Maybe in their next session she'll do the run-in and leading arm? I think that it's good that they're being taught cricket at school.