Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoulder Rotation

Just been reading some more of the wrist spinners Bible , it seems that every time I go back to it I find something I've over-looked or just didn't bother to take on board. This time it relates to the rotation of the shoulder. Page 60 The Art of Wrist Spin Bowling, Peter Philpott - Published by crowood.

"The shoulders during the delivery should rotate over one another in a line towards the batsman, not around one another towards Gully or Point. Thus the body chases the ball rather than falling away".

The context that this is mentioned in is another point with regards that wrist spin bowling is a 2 arm action, the high - reach for the sky leading-in arm that then powers through driving the delivery arm with more ooomph. It's not something I've focussed on before and I'm kind of hoping that now when I look at my bowling action on video I'm already doing it. Apparently if you're doing this correctly one shoulder goes over the other and it leads to increased accuracy. There's a mention of the reach for the sky arm coming down into a 'Tuck into the ribs' position 'Before it is thrown away' which is slightly confusing description that doesn't register with me so I'm going to have a look at the Jenner and Warne vids to see if I can make sense of this and turn it into laymans language.

I've looked at the vids I've got of myself and I'm fairly okay, looking at Jenner bowling it's not that obvious but his rotation is definitely up and over but looks relatively relaxed yet he gets loads of spin on the ball. Looking at Warne it's a similar story it looks effortless. So tomorrow night in the nets I'm going to continue looking at my leg break and give this some thought and bring the arm through in the delivery down to the hip trying to get more oomph.

With regards the back-spinning ball to get the Big Leg Break, I've been doing it in the Kitchen with a fully extended arm only using the wrist flick up above my head and getting ridiculous amounts of spin and turn over a very short distance and it just feels as though it's only a short jump away from converting to a cricket pitch. I'll have to try it at some point?

Weekend prospects

It doesn't look like the nets is going to come together this weekend because Badger is away and Mark Soye can't do Saturday. Our normal Sunday slot has been taken by Ping Pongers so Saturday seemed like the only option. We've had good weather of late with little in the way of rain and the temp is in the 13 degree centigrade region so I'm now thinking maybe we could have a go outside either on an artificial wicket or over at 5 Tree field which has good drainage and is relatively flat? So I'll put this to Simon and Alex and see what they say.

Our own wicket looks like it's growing quite rapidly now with the increased light and warmth, so I'll have to keep an eye on that. I did contemplate rolling it tonight but had other issues at home to deal with so perhaps tomorrow before going to nets? I may also have to cut it as well before I lose control of it otherwise the only way I'll be able to cut it if I leave it too long will be with a pair of shears!