Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ben and Joe's practice

Ben and Joe had their practice sessions today. I tried to keep and eye on what was happening in both nets but was primarily watching Ben the older son (Age 10). What I did notice in Joe's net was that he was being told by both the coaches that the should get his arm up a lot more vertical which is good as that's what I've been telling him. He no longer tries to spin it and I think he is a bit lost as to how he actually bowls. Most of the time he will use a wrist spinners grip and sometimes it does turn, but not like he did a year and half ago. I'm not going to say too much to him and just let the coaches tell him and see how he responds. But at the moment he has a tendency to get despondent if he doesn't get things right quite quickly.

The older son Ben, did better he was with the coach they call Sharpey (Dave Sharp)? They were working with the bowling machine and Sharpey was trying to get him to step to the ball and drive the ball, there was a glimmer of something there and again this is what I've been trying to get Ben to do myslef with a little bit of success. 'Sharpey' came over and had a word at the end and said to try and encourage Ben to step to the ball with more conviction. So when we got home we had a go and it seemed to work fine without the use of the bat, but then as soon as he's got the bat in his hand he focusses on the bat and the leg then trails behind leaving a gaping great gap. Thing is here I am pointing out Ben's faults and I can't even get a bat on a ball. The chances are by the end of this coming season Ben would have scored more runs than me - you watch!!