Monday, February 08, 2010

Net Session 5

Another pretty uneventful net session. Nothing to report really only that I desperately need to get outside and bowl properly. I suppose there's the fact that I bowled against some of the first team players and I'm assuming they're the good batsmen. Both these blokes were coming down the wicket and hitting the ball while it was still in the air not having hit the deck, maybe I was bowling too long and making it easy for them to do this? So there's the issue of length again. Flippers made a bit of a difference as I was getting them right into their feet, but overall it wasn't that good and just highlighted how out of practice I am. But the coach was watching and he seemed to think I was doing okay because the ball was comimg off the bat at a catchable height and with the Wrong uns spinning off into areas that where there would have been a fielder perhaps?

Came away feeling knackered - legs and joints in my legs ached and I also smashed the inside of my ankle with the bat during a practice drill where were practicing driving.