Saturday, February 06, 2010

Paddock news

After weeks and weeks of snow, rain and frost and the temperature hovering around the 0 degrees centigrade zone for the best part of 2 months we had a sunny day today, with the temperature moving up to around 10 degrees. Since the snows we've had a lot of rain so the paddock is soaked and saturated with water, in some areas in the dips there was standing water so the drainage isn't that good.

Before the snow there seemed to be a lot of traffic through the paddock. This view here below is shot from the entrance and they would then walk across the paddock through the gap in the fence on the opposite side. This means they walk across the wicket area shaded dark in the image here. The worst damage is though isn't in that area but further down the wicket and was caused by a dog walker and his dog
The close up shots below come from the positions on the wicket marked with the red dots, the less muddy image is shot approximately where the red spot on the left is - just in front of the stumps. The other shot is roughly where the red dot is and this area is a mess. There's an obvious need for levelling and seeding, so I'm going to have to watch the weather and try and get the timing right. In an ideal world we'd continue with fairly wet weather but warmer and interspersed with sun. That'll get the grass growing again and I might be tempted to roll it sometime in February or early March.