Monday, February 15, 2010


It's been dry here today in Essex, cold but dry (4 degrees centigrade) so I had the opportunity to throw a few balls and spent 1/2 or so bowling my stuff. Today everything was coming out of the hand well with the exception of the wrong un, but I wasn't that fussed as it was either going straight or very slightly to the leg side e.g. a ball pitched on the line and length I bowl to was ending up on leg stump, so in a game situation it would have worked anyway. The last bucket of balls (just as it started to snow) I decided that I'd give the Biggun a go what with all the talk and theory being discussed recently. Added to that over the winter I've been flicking the ball inwards with back-spin 90% of the time so in theory it might come out of the hand quite readily. I moved the bowling marker a bit closer - 18 yards and tried it. Of the 18 balls 3 of them were dragged down 1 or 2 went straight but all of the other went exceptionally well. I'm using hockey balls on rough/old tarmac and I bowled round the wicket bowling well wide of the leg-stump and virtually all of the balls ended up wide of off-stump or hitting the stumps albeit with a very loopy flight and very slow. In a game they'd have all been hit for 4's and 6's out to the leg-side by anyone with any batting ability.The good thing is it was working and this is at the start of the season with freezing cold hands and with me being very much out of practice and not particularly fit at the minute. This now gives me food for thought as I've got no plans for any real bowling development other than to keep my four deliveries nice and tight and working well which will be just day to day practice. With this session today probably representing the biggest step forward with the 'Biggun' (Big Leg Break) I'm now considering having this as my main development plan for this season? I'd already planned to try it out every now and then to see if it was showing any promise as I did today, but today has been a bit of epiphanic event and this could be the start of something good I reckon.