Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bowling practice

Me and the kids went over to the tennis court today and had a knock about and I got to have a bowl albeit using wind balls. The good news is that I'm still sticking with my 4 variation approach and was able to try all these out today and they went okay.

Leg Break; Wrong Un; Flipper and Top-Spinning Flipper. The Leg Break in particular was coming out well with 3 different kind of sub variations on the go which was how I was working with it at the end of the season. My main sub variation which is held high in the fingers and is bowled faster and flatter was going well, very accurate on the middle and off-line or just outside off - this is the ball that got me the most wickets last year. The other two variations were going well too, they're more flighted and with a ball with a seam they have the addition of drift, these tended to bounce more and turn more but are slower, I can't really say how good they will be till I can get on some grass or an artificial wicket, but I'm very optimistic about there potential.

The good thing is that all of them turn using balls with no seams, so it'll be good to see how they all go with a seamed ball once we get the dry weather, warmth and sunshine.

I may have a proper practice tomorrow using hockey balls on my own and that'll give a better indication as to how I'm bowling.

A bloke on the forum I comment on a lot was talking about my approach to bowling at the lefties and was saying that I should bowl wrong uns as though they're my stock ball, pitching them right up in the same way that I do with my main Leg Break to RH's and then put a Leg Break in every 6-8 balls and see how that works, so if I've got any form this Monday I may give that a go?