Sunday, February 21, 2010

More rain

Another day of cold rain, further up north in a place called the Midlands they've had snow - but it's generally accepted that it's pretty grim up there, so much so that there's song about it that reflects how bad it is here's a little ditty called 'It's grim up north'.

Ben and Joe had their practice session and ben did quite well with both his bowling and batting and Reg their coach was saying that Ben's batting is coming along okay. Slowly bit by bit they're getting there and Ben produced some nice shots and blocks and is now beginning to produce the right strokes for the differing length balls. What I did notice though was that when Joe was batting (His little brother 3 years younger than him) Ben was bowling so much faster and better at poor little Joe - what's that all about?

Nets tomorrow - I think I'll bowl the 2 flippers and focus on the new 180 degree rotation and look for the LBW because of got to start asking for them.